A little bit about me

Creativity has always been at the core of Shauna’s career choice. From fashion and interiors design to engineering design and photography, Shauna’s roots have always been firmly in the creative realm.

After studying fashion design in LCAD, interior design in Griffith College, engineering design in The Mid-West Business Institute and finally, photography in Limerick Senior College, Shauna found her professional home with the camera, hosting her first solo Black & White Photographic exhibition, ‘Limerick you are a Lady” in The Hunt Museum in 2004. After its unprecedented success, Shauna decided to follow her passion full-time…and Morning Star Photography was born.

My work, my love

“I discovered my love for photography as a kid roaming the countryside of Athlacca –  I always had a camera in my hand as a kid. I’m very lucky to have found my passion. To get the chance to work with that every day is enormously gratifying.”

“Photography for me isn’t about simply capturing an image. For me, it’s about working with the person to encourage their true personality to shine through, and when it does – with a smile, a laugh, a twinkle in the eye, a turn of the head – click. I’ve captured the moment. There’s no better feeling for me than that moment I grasp the essence of a person.”

…Shauna X